Updates Galore!

Hey folks,

As you can see, I’ve really been doing my best to put a nice new coat of paint on this blog. But underneath the surface, you’ll see that I’ve done a lot as well to make it more navigable, to highlight recent posts without them taking up the whole page, and just in general, to simplify and streamline the feel of the blog. I’ve noticed that the text is a little hard to read due to its size and color, though, and I’m working on that. So don’t fret.

Also, big major modification: I changed the name of the blog for about the 13th time. If you can remember the first name of this blog when it was just about my trip to Paraguay, you win a gold star. Seriously, this blog has seen more facelifts and changes in direction than an aging celebrity. But it’s all for the best. Anyways, here’s what’s been updated:

1. Updated my initial thoughts and observations piece on Paraguay to improve its readability and polish it off as I continue to hone my writer’s craft.

2. Added Adventure at Tobaqom to the my “Paraguay Greatest Hits” section in The Paraguayan Experience page since it’s such a fun read and a great little vignette.

3. Added a new page entitled The Nicaraguan Experience to follow suit with my Paraguayan stories and pieces. That should be filling up with posts in the coming days.

So there you go. It’s all a work in progress, but don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya. 😉


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