Bienvenido a Nicaragua

Hey folks,

Yeah, that jacket would soon go into the bottom of my bag and not see the light of day until I came home!

So here I am. Took a little longer for preparations to be made and flights to be scheduled, but I am in fact here in Nicaragua. Just like my first few days in Paraguay, I am absolutely mentally drained by the cultural bombardment, the new people… names and faces to remember… new roads, new scenery, same Spanish language but with Nicaraguan flavor. As for my living situation…. it’s a bit less than I expected. Not as nice as either of my homes in Paraguay. I guess in hindsight, Paraguay has prepared me for the poverty I face here.

Anyways, more about the concrete experiences. I arrived Thursday around 9 pm, got through customs/immigration in around 20-30 minutes and was greeted by my host. He drove me home through the dusty dry heat of what seems to be a typical Nicaraguan evening (as much as I can say for the 2 days I’ve been here). Then I met my hostess (keeping names off here just to be cautious… who knows) and then basically fell into bed.

Woke at 7 am for work. Had a lovely breakfast of eggs and salchicha and then hopped in the regular cab Toyota Tacoma that my host (we’ll call him Pedro) has. Pedro drove me to my workplace which was very easy to find considering it had a huge sign out front and was just off one of the major highways.

Work that day consisted of meeting everyone and then getting started on a data collection project. Have my own desk for the moment while a co-worker is out of town. I’ll be working in the field too, going to various sites. Should be an adventure.

Today I’ve eaten watermelon, pineapple, and mandarine oranges for breakfast, played baseball with the kids and hit the ball into the next neighborhood practically, then had lunch of fried potatoes with cheese in them, beans, and rice. I am in a poor place though. I guess my Paraguay tripp was sort of preparation for the poverty I’m experiencing here. Not to put down the people at all. Electricity, internet, and water are intermittent but the family is very warm and friendly and the food is good. It’s just that if I hadn’t gone to PY first, I think I would definitely be in shock right now.

Anyways, more to come.


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