My Latest Adventure Unveiled

Hey friends,

I know I haven’t posted in far too long. My fault. It’s easy to become lazy when you have nothing to do in an empty house the majority of the time. But I haven’t been completely M.I.A. I’ve been in communication with my boss at the non-profit in Paraguay and he is helping me set up another opportunity, this time in Nicaragua. From the limited details I have, I should be in Managua, hopefully living with a host family again. I’ll be starting with a project in water sanitation and then as I get a feel for the organization and the city, I can perhaps begin my own project on a particular matter I see as important. I’ll know more on the 9th of this month.

And more Paraguayan experiences coming soon. I have a draft of the Chaco experience written and as my writer’s block recedes I should be able to post something of quality soon.


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