Taking It Easy

So here I am back at home in the wonderful United States of America! I’ve been back for 5 days now and it already feels like home. How quickly does one settle back into his old routine. Waking up pretty late (well much later than 6:15!), watching SportsCenter, making scrambled eggs, fooling around on the computer, playing the drums, visiting friends, and hitting the gym. And what gives these what I’d like to call “Average days in the life of Mike” a certain ambient background is the beautiful scenes I am seeing outside for the first time in 4 months.


Last of the flowers in the pot outside.

While I have many pine trees in my backyard that won’t be changing colors, I also have a few dogwood trees and oak trees that are currently a warm yellowish orange, and the pines have dropped their copper needles all over the fading green of the lawn. Along with the fragile floral ephemera, this scene really drives home the point that this it is Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and in fact almost Winter. And when Jack Frost steps onto the scene, he brings one of the best times of the year. Three great holidays stacked right in a row. First comes my birthday in late November, and then shortly thereafter we celebrate the great American holiday of Thanksgiving, or for my Spanish companions, “Acción de Gracias”. Then we have a lovely month of Christmas music, warm fireplace evenings and then the culmination with Christmas and New Year’s. So really 4 days. No, scratch that, 5. How can I forget all the bowl games and then the NCAA College Football Championship game? All in all, a festive season that I really enjoy.

Now, I’d like to excite you all with wild stories of conquest and discovery but I’m in a situation unlike that which I’ve been in for the past 3 months. I’m home. There’s no wild excursion to go on, save the occasional trip to the grocery store, which I’m sure wouldn’t excite the lot of you that read this blog. So what I’m getting at is that I’ll be largely absent from this blog with exception of when I recall and write down previous stories from PY that I haven’t already told.

So, enjoy yourselves this holiday season and come back every so often to see what I’ve written. I might even change this blog’s direction for a post or two to talk about topics that interest me. Who knows. Anyways, take care.


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