Home at Last

Hey there folks, it’s my pleasure to be reporting to you from the United States of America. Although I really did enjoy myself down in South America, I am so excited to come home and see the people I love, and live in the house I grew up in for a few months more.

“So what are you doing Mike?”

Well, I’ll be here hopefully getting a job back that I had in highschool to make a few bucks for the Christmas season and applying to graduate schools in the time being before shipping off again in January. Or at least that’s the plan. Things may change. Tom and I will talk things over and see where he wants to send me next. But at the moment, I’m just living the life. I drove my truck for the first time in 3 months today. I also listened to music out of real speakers with bass today as well. I played my guitar loud for the hell of it. I went to Church in English for the first time in 3 months. It’s the here and now of Lilburn, GA and I’m loving it!



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