First post from Paraguay

Hey everybody. This is going to be my new travel blog where I will chronicle my daily/weekly activities and observations in this foreign country of Paraguay. I hope to author enough interesting pieces so that it will be both worth your while to read it, and worth mine to catalog it. I may update every few days but I’ve been so busy at work that I have a feeling I’ll only be updating on weekends.

So let’s get started. I should say that I’ve already been here almost a month. Between being overwhelmed with the new language and culture and getting settled into the routine at the office and such, I’ve barely had time to breath, much less write down my thoughts and experiences. I guess I’m just getting my feet firmly planted on the ground, so to speak. But things are good. I’ve adjusted and life is proceeding in not such a familiar way, but in a more manageable one.

With that very brief introduction, I’m going to include the little that I’ve written down in a post to come in a few minutes.


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